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Ardenta 6

The ARDENTA 6 egg grading and packing machine is one of the high capacity machines from STAALKAT INTERNATIONAL BV. This machine is specific designed to realise the lowest cost per graded and packed egg.


The ARDENTA 6 has a tailored system for the infeed of the eggs and is equipped with a unique control system for optimum output. With all the optional facilities concerning hygiene, quality detection and traceability of the eggs, the ARDENTA 6 meets present and future demands set in the global egg-industry. The clearly set out and accessible construction of the ARDENTA 6, as well as the use of first quality materials, make up the foundation of this very maintenance- and user-friendly machine.


Capacity  54.000 eggs per hour (150 cases)


Optional  Blood detection system

Leaker detection

Crack detection system

Dirt detection system

Anti-contamination infeedrolls, completely spray-cleanable

UVC disinfection unit

Active roller Cleaning System

Automatic tray stackers, type SX-40

Automatic closers

Integration stamping, labeling and other complementary equipment

Integration with automatic process behind the packing lanes

Egg Switch (in combination with Multiloader)

Possibility for colour sorting


Extras  Infeed systems:

Peak absorber


Combination of peakabsorber and Multiloader


Infeed table:

6-row wide, optional partly spray-cleanable


Standard candling system:

Compact candling booth with anti-dazzling candling lamps

IRUS semi-automatic candling system



Individual dynamic weighing by means of loadcells for high weighing accuracy



1-track (chain)without handling points between hanging the egg in the chain and throw-out station in the lane


Inkjet printing:

Prepared for 1 inkjet head from various suppliers


Number of packing lanes:

8-18 High Capacity packing lanes, each with a capacity of 30.600 eggs/hour


Control system:

Control software compatible with Windows software